Thursday, October 02, 2014

I'm a Mummy now^^

Hi everyone, was away for sometimes cause busy to take care my little baby.

Time flies, my baby was almost 2 months old.
Replay back to deliver this little baby.. Such a great experience for me to being a mama.
My estimate due date was on 11th of Aug. I went to check up before a week of due date.
During the check up, doctor said cervix is open 1 cm. But I didn't feel any of contraction or water burst or bleeding yet. So doctor said in this case, I may back to home 1st waiting for the contraction.
A bit nervous when doctor said it can deliver by any time.

Therefore have to back to home to wait for the right time to arrive. End up, after two days it was a bit bleeding. So, hubby and mother in law accompanied me went to hospital in the morning 8 am. I can feel the contraction pain more and more after sometimes. The pain was killing me... Tears dropped.. Was telling my hubby said one baby is enough already. His nervous was more than me. He hold my hand, keep asked me to take deep breath when the pain is there. Anyway this is help to reduce my pain. Around 6 pm plus, doctor come to check up, cervix is open 4 cm only. Contraction started from morning till evening, it really drive me crazy. But at this moment, doctor told me a bad news.
Doctor said:" There is some problem with the baby, when your contraction pain, baby heart beat is dropped, baby is lack of oxygen. If you have more pain, baby heartbeat will dropped more. You can't wait for the cervix open and natural delivery, worry baby can't wait any more! You must decide now either go for c sec immediately or take the risk for natural delivery.

I'm so worried about baby. Hubby said don't take risk, please go for c sec immediately. Doctor faster go for preparation for it. I can see everyone was worry about me and baby. Especially my mother in law. I was pushed in by the nurse to the operation room. There was so cold inside the room. Full of curious, scare and worry on the baby. I can see and hear them prepare all the necessary stuffs to use later. The feeling is full of nervous. When the anaesthetist asked me:" Do you want to bill half or full?" I was stunned over there for few minutes and don's know how to answer him. This is because I was curious on the progress and thinking to bill half. But I'm worried I will regret to bill half due to I'm nervous. It so contradictions. Sigh... End up I decided to bill all... When they count 1, 2, 3... I'm already in sleep mode.. And they start to get the baby out...

After 30 minutes, baby is out from the operation room... Baby is healthy and looks cute. We named her as Vera Wong Yu Xuan and new born with 3kg. So blessed everything is going smoothly. After 1 hour plus, I only woke up and pushed out to room from the operation theatre. Can feel the tiredness and no energy to move after all. But when you look at the pretty baby, everything is worth to be...

Yes.. I'm a Mummy now...

Day 1 - New Born 
Day 1 - New Born after wash up...
Day 2 - Hi everyone, I'm baby Vera^^

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