Thursday, October 02, 2014

I'm a Mummy now^^

Hi everyone, was away for sometimes cause busy to take care my little baby.

Time flies, my baby was almost 2 months old.
Replay back to deliver this little baby.. Such a great experience for me to being a mama.
My estimate due date was on 11th of Aug. I went to check up before a week of due date.
During the check up, doctor said cervix is open 1 cm. But I didn't feel any of contraction or water burst or bleeding yet. So doctor said in this case, I may back to home 1st waiting for the contraction.
A bit nervous when doctor said it can deliver by any time.

Therefore have to back to home to wait for the right time to arrive. End up, after two days it was a bit bleeding. So, hubby and mother in law accompanied me went to hospital in the morning 8 am. I can feel the contraction pain more and more after sometimes. The pain was killing me... Tears dropped.. Was telling my hubby said one baby is enough already. His nervous was more than me. He hold my hand, keep asked me to take deep breath when the pain is there. Anyway this is help to reduce my pain. Around 6 pm plus, doctor come to check up, cervix is open 4 cm only. Contraction started from morning till evening, it really drive me crazy. But at this moment, doctor told me a bad news.
Doctor said:" There is some problem with the baby, when your contraction pain, baby heart beat is dropped, baby is lack of oxygen. If you have more pain, baby heartbeat will dropped more. You can't wait for the cervix open and natural delivery, worry baby can't wait any more! You must decide now either go for c sec immediately or take the risk for natural delivery.

I'm so worried about baby. Hubby said don't take risk, please go for c sec immediately. Doctor faster go for preparation for it. I can see everyone was worry about me and baby. Especially my mother in law. I was pushed in by the nurse to the operation room. There was so cold inside the room. Full of curious, scare and worry on the baby. I can see and hear them prepare all the necessary stuffs to use later. The feeling is full of nervous. When the anaesthetist asked me:" Do you want to bill half or full?" I was stunned over there for few minutes and don's know how to answer him. This is because I was curious on the progress and thinking to bill half. But I'm worried I will regret to bill half due to I'm nervous. It so contradictions. Sigh... End up I decided to bill all... When they count 1, 2, 3... I'm already in sleep mode.. And they start to get the baby out...

After 30 minutes, baby is out from the operation room... Baby is healthy and looks cute. We named her as Vera Wong Yu Xuan and new born with 3kg. So blessed everything is going smoothly. After 1 hour plus, I only woke up and pushed out to room from the operation theatre. Can feel the tiredness and no energy to move after all. But when you look at the pretty baby, everything is worth to be...

Yes.. I'm a Mummy now...

Day 1 - New Born 
Day 1 - New Born after wash up...
Day 2 - Hi everyone, I'm baby Vera^^

Sunday, July 27, 2014

1st Wedding Anniversary

Oh dear.. time flies... today is our 1st year wedding anniversary. Throw back last year of today, I was buzy make up myself.  Done for the photobooth. Got prepared for the wedding reception and etc. Family and friends also spend their time for our wedding.

And right now adi passed through all the ceremony. Missing those time of wedding preparation with fun, tears, happiness. 😍😍

But I'm now away from KL. Hubby is away from me too. And I'm waiting for my baby come to the world in kelantan. Don't have any anniversary celebration here. I think this is the best present that both of us had for our wedding anniversary. Hope everything will go smoothly and great. Blessing...

Happy 1st Year Wedding Anniversary♡♡

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Hello Kitty Piggy Bank

Got a little gift from hubby..
My favourite hello kitty, this is hello kitty piggy bank. Isn't it cute and nice? A new member add into my collection.
Will try to keep 50 cent into the piggy bank.
Thanks babe for the pressie.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Maternity Photo Shoot

Small Little shoes

Hi all.. I had my maternity photo shoot during my 7 months pregnancy.

I had prepared 2 set of clothes for the shooting.The first set of cloth is white lace tube and white skirt. Another set is zebra stripes crop top (from Zara) and black skirt (from Bangkok). But not much photo for the second outfit.The shooting location is indoor @ Alene's house. We want the effect of natural light, so we have to wake up at 8am to prepare myself, do my own makeup and hairstyle. And we had a nice breakfast prepared by Josephine & Alene before the photo shoot start.

Let's see my maternity photo...


Favourite pic ever...

My hometown friend Alene Lim is my photographer of the day. Thanks for the effort and time to being all this happen with a series of nice photo. Beside from this, a special thanks to my bestie Josephine Tan to be the part time of babysitter to take care Anya (Alene's daughter, is only 4 months plus old)

Does anyone looking for maternity photo shoot? If yes, you can drop me your contact at

Thursday, June 05, 2014


Dear all... long time never update my blog here!
Yea, here to let you know I'm a mother to be... going to deliver soon.
Was so excited on this.. from the day 1 of pregnancy, it was full of excitement.

I got my morning sickness on the early stage. That is the hardness period for me. I was keep vomiting without any reason, always feel dizzy and keep taking MC during that time. Everyday look so pale in the office. Sometimes, I force to hang off the call and quickly go to the washroom and vomit... That time, i can't take curry and Milo, for sure it will be out from my mouth after few minutes. So my daily routine is eat and vomit, after vomit eat again. Lose weight during the early stage because of the morning sickness. Everyday sleep like a princess, 9pm plus I already go to bed and have my sweet dream.

Luckily I have my hubby and my family to be with me. They understand me on my situation. Was pamper me like a queen, and always support and accompany me. Was so grateful can be part og your family, appreciate it.

No more morning sickness after 20 weeks of pregnancy, everything get back to normal. There is one things different is my tummy is become bigger. A lot of my clothes cannot wear it, all the pretty clothes that I saw online shop or shopping mall, cannot wear it. Sad case... baby, u have to let mummy become more prettier after give birth OK? I will love you more...

Wanna introduce to those mother to be, did you apply any anti stretchmarks cream during your pregnancy?? Don't skip it, is a MUST to apply ya.. Picture as below is the anti stretchmarks cream that I currently using right now from #Clarins . I already use for the second bottle. It will help you to reduce the appearance of stretchmarks resulting from pregnancy. It enhances the production of collagen fibres to boost skin's elasticity and resistance to future stretchmarks.

So, to be more hardworking to apply it, you won't feel regret in the future. Remember don't scratch your skin when you feel itchy. If not the stretchmarks will be appear slowly. Try to apply once on day time and night time. Enjoy the massage moment and talk or sing to the baby. You can ask your hubby to help you to apply it every night, let him feel your tummy, feel the baby is growing slowly day by day. It will be a lovely time to be.

Between, I had my maternity photo shoot during my 29 weeks of pregnancy. Can't wait to share those photo to you all^^ Let me introduce the photographer to you on the next post. There will be more photos will be up on the next. Stay tune...

Maternity Photo Shoot Preview:-

Full of LOVE^^

Coming Soon...

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Finally is back...

Finally my phone was back to me yesterday... Took it from the Samsung services center at PJ. Luckily my phone was still under warranty until December 2013. How Lucky am I?? Haha...
Yesterday only got to know that the Samsung services center was moving to new place. 
The person said if I'm going today, they will move all the things to their new place. 
OMG!! They didn't even inform us they are moving..
 If for those customers who don't know about it, they will purposely go there and... Fainted!!
 By the way, here to inform every one the PJ Samsung Service centre will relocate to the address below:-

Wisma Benley Music
Level 2, Jalan PJU 7/2, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Between, they help me change my phone into new screen. It totally looks like a new piece^^ 
is without paying any single cent (happy^^) And I also get a new cover for my phone. It was bought quite some time and didn't get to use it. Tadaaaa... is hello kitty casing which is bought from Bangkok, if not mistake it only cost me RM20.00. Isn't it cute and girlish? LIKE this casing... Hope this will bring a new begin to my phone and the pink casing can cheer up my daily life^^

And finally I can back to blog by using Dayre. Recently quite addicted on it. Its convenient and simple way to blog. Actually Dayre is the app to helps you blog on your mobile device. For those busy people dying to say more than a Note, or a filtered photo will allow, this is the App for you. Simply post multiple bite sized updates within a day, your blog post is done. Here to share my personalized URL with all my friend, family and the world. 
If you also on Dayre, you can follow me 



Dear all, come to join Dayre to create your daily story.. It will be fun to read after sometimes..
Let us Share more, create a story today!!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Bad Day

As usual, I will said why today is Sunday already, tomorrow have to start work!!!

Yes, today is Monday!! Have to back to office and start a new week...
Argh.... What a Monday blue & bad day today... You know why?? My phone was GG!!!
This morning when I went to toilet and washed my hand. And my phone rang...
So i just took out my phone from pocket.. and drama happened!!
I accidentally drop my phone to the basin, and the water is still on...
OMG!!!! My phone was like swimming in the basin.. the water was keep going to the earphone hole... Arh..... (screaming inside my heart!!!) My mind was black off for few seconds and no know how to respond on that moment. End up, I was like quickly took my phone up from the basin and swing it... The water was splash out after I swing it and switch off my phone at the 1st time. I know the phone sure GG already T.T

Was no phone for me today... No FB access, No instagram, No wechat, No Clash of Clans... Argh... Really can't stand on this situation. And the phone not even can on properly.. Only can see the Samsung logo on the screen... The phone was blew under my mini fan... Morning 9am plus till now is almost 6pm already.. But the phone still can't work in proper... ARrrrrr...

Anyway, my dear phone please wake up asap!!